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Most Insurance Companies will likely try and negotiate the appraisal. It's their job to try and save their company money and adjusters are rewarded for keeping their claims cost down.

This is fine as a long as they have documentation to support their position. Some Insurance Adjusters will just make up a figure and throw it out there. This is unacceptable!

Always ask the adjuster for documentation to support their position and always ask for their offer to be made in writing.

Unfortunately some adjusters still do not know the law and do not understand Diminished Value. This is usually due to poor training.

Some of the common responses are:

1) You're vehicle has been repaired correctly so it hasn't lost value.
A) Wrong. Your vehicle is now damaged goods on the open market. Call any dealer and ask them if you traded in a vehicle that has had prior damage would you get full value for it. They will quickly tell you no!

2) If you don't sell your vehicle you haven't lost anything.
A) Wrong. Your vehicle is an asset. This asset has been devalued as a direct result of someone else's negligence. You are owed compensation for the devaluation of your asset.

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